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Wahkiakum County

Wahkiakum County

Mailing Address:
PO Box 145
Cathlamet, WA 98612

Street Address:
64 Main Street
Cathlamet, WA 98612

Phone: 360-795-3791
Fax: 360-795-0540

Important News

WELCOME. As you may have already heard or experienced; the Assessor’s and Treasurer’s Offices have been undergoing a software conversion these past few months. This webpage is only one of some long awaited results.

We hope to keep you informed of any changes as the tax year unfolds. Especially, as we explore the process of changing Wahkiakum County from a four year cyclical county to an annual revaluation county.

Areas of Engagement toward Annual Revaluation Plan.

  1. The Assessor is in the process of developing written guidelines and a strategic plan for conduction the first year of annual valuation. This task includes a written process that outlines the assessment schedule and project component timelines. Due to Department of Revenue by October, 31.
  2. Testing is undergoing on new software system to understand full features and functionality as it applies to annual revaluation.
  3. Document the process of a physical inspection. Including the steps of a physical inspection that outlines the verification of indirect data elements such as correct land use codes, appropriate neighbor codes, and other codes that may be used during the analysis and valuation process.
  4. Verify that improvement and land data are in the system correctly. Especially factors and characteristics that influence value. Target date for completion 10/27/2010.
  5. Identify initial components necessary to calculate values (cost tables. Determine that Marshal and Swift Cost estimator is working properly. Review maintenance of cost schedules and equations, and the development of depreciation schedules from market data pertinent to mass appraisal and annual revaluation. This will be an ongoing process.
  6. Determine if all modules are functional including valuation and administration systems. (CAMA). 9-30-2010.
  7. Determine if cost estimator is functioning and if it can interface with parcel data. (mass appraisal) target date 9/30/2010.


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