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Wahkiakum board of county commissioners FAQ's


Board of Wahkiakum County Commissioner Responsibilities

The Board of County Commissioners consists of three members that serve as the county's legislative executive and policy makers. The primary legislative powers of the board of commissioners include construction and maintenance of public buildings; granting licenses; fixing the tax levies for the county and having the same collected; authorizing payments owed by the county and auditing all officers having control of county monies; managing county property and county funds; prosecuting and defending all actions for or against the county; and making and enforcing by appropriate resolutions and ordinances and all such police and sanitary regulations not in conflict with state law.

The County Budget

One of the County Commissioners' primary duties is to establish the levy rate to operate the county and to adopt a balanced budget for each calendar year, by fixing the budget for each department of the county.

Administrators- As administrators, Commissioners are responsible for:

  • Public roads and public works programs
  • Public health services
  • Planning and zoning of unincorporated areas
  • Emergency services or civil defense programs
  • County park and recreation systems
  • Other services and programs which are not clearly the responsibility of another elected county official


County commissioners have a key role in a wide variety of community boards and commissions which affect citizens within and even beyond their jurisdictions. Commissioners often serve on a variety of multi-county boards and state and national committees with other officials to develop public policy. Within the county structure, commissioners are also responsible for appointing citizens to county boards and commissions.

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The commissioners have four departments which report directly to the commissioners. Those agencies include the Public Works Department, Health and Human Services Agency, Commissioners’ Office, and the Building & Planning Department.  .

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For general questions or to request an appointment with the County Commissioner's,
please contact Beth Johnson, Administrative Coordinator/Clerk of the Board, johnsonb@co.wahkiakum.wa.us, (360) 795-8048.

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