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Building and Planning Department


Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Mail: PO Box 97 Cathlamet WA 98612
Address: 64 Main Street, Third Floor, Cathlamet WA 98612
Phone: 360-795-3067
Fax: 360-795-0342

Email:  beyerc@co.wahkiakum.wa.us

Wahkiakum County Multiple Site 10-year Sand Placement Program







Land Use Information


SHORT PLATS (4 or less lots)

SUBDIVISIONS (5 or more lots)





Long Range Planning Comprehensive Plan


Wahkiakum County’s, Dept. of Ecology’s , Joint Aquatic Resources Permit Application

Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan







Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan



County Maps

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Burn Permits ~ Large and Small (annual)  Outdoor Burning Ordinance

Can I burn today?   The toll free burning information line can be accessed at 1-800-633-0709 or on the internet at  www.swcleanair.org    

Burning must be restricted to natural vegetation grown on the property where burning occurs.  All other material is prohibited, except what paper is necessary to start the fire.  (WAC 173-425-040) 

Residential Burning Permit   (fill out on line) :  Piles under 4’x4’x3’ need a small fire permit.  This permit can be filled out on line and faxed to Wahkiakum County (360) 795-0342; can be picked up at a local fire department or town hall.  If your area does not provide these permits you can obtain one from the Building Department, Third Floor, Wahkiakum County Courthouse.  There is currently no fee for the permit. 

Land Clearing Burning:  For piles larger than 4’x4’x3’ need a large fire permit.  These permits can be obtained in person from Chuck Beyer, Building Department, Third Floor, Wahkiakum County Courthouse.  There is currently no fee for the permit. 

Burn Barrel Use Prohibited.  The use of a burn barrel was banned in the State of Washington effective April 13, 2000.  Burning garbage has been illegal in the State of Washington since 1967.  

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The Wahkiakum County Planning Commission is composed of nine members who are appointed by the chairman of the Board of Wahkiakum County Commissioners with the approval of a majority of the board. Three members are appointed from each of the three county commissioner districts.

The Planning Commission consists of:

District #1:

 Eugene Healy, Chairman
Robert Ward
Roy McIntire

District #2:

Lily Kolditz
Scott Anderson

District #3:

Norm Bolton
Dale Rose
Shannon Lilja

Planning Commission’s Meeting Dates

The Planning Commission meets the fourth Thursday of each month, from 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. in the third floor meeting room of the Wahkiakum County Courthouse. (However, if no matters over which the Planning Commission has jurisdiction are pending upon its calendar, a meeting may be cancelled.)

For general questions please contact Charles Beyer (360) 795-3067


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