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Wahkiakum County Public Works Department


Chuck Beyer

Public Works Director

Paul Lacy

County Engineer

Office Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Mailing: P.O. Box 97, Cathlamet, WA 98612
Street Address: 64 Main Street, Cathlamet, WA 98612
Phone Number: 360-795-3301

Ferry Info Line:   360-795-7867
Fax Number: 360-795-0342
Contact email: collupym@co.wahkiakum.wa.us


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List of services provided -


Ferry ~ Ride the last Ferry on the Lower Columbia River
Wahkiakum County welcomed their new ferry, the "Oscar B" on February 27, 2015.  The ferry operates 365 days a year, a minimum of 18 runs per day.

Ferry Information Line:  360-795-7867


  Location of ferry terminal:
From the Town of Cathlamet, go south on Main Street/SR 409 and go straight, cross bridge between Cathlamet and Puget Island, continue on SR409 for approx. 4 miles to terminal of SR409.

Departure Times:
From the Washington side on the hour from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 pm, from the Oregon side on the ¼ after the hour from 5:15 a.m. to 10:15 p.m.


Single Trip Rates: *No debit or credit cards accepted
Passenger cars, pickups under 20 feet $5.00
Foot passengers $1.00
Bicycles $2.00
Motorcycles $3.00
Motorhomes, large trucks, trailers, fee determined by length

Frequent Traveler Tickets:

Passenger cars, pickups under 20 feet - 22 trips - $64.00

Passenger cars, pickups under 20 feet - 44 trips - $125.00

Tickets can be purchased from Ferry Crew

The Roads Division:
The road division is responsible for Minor Road Construction, Road & Bridge Maintenance and Repair, Ditch and Culvert Maintenance, Snow & Ice Control, Chip sealing and Surface Patching, Interlocal Agency reimbursable work

The Solid Waste Division:
Operates and maintains the Transfer Station and recycle bin located at the summit of KM Mountain.  Open Thursdays and Saturdays 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Rates based upon weight.


Solid Waste Restrictions: 

Barrells must have 1 end cut off.  Refrigerators & stoves must have doors off. 

No:  Brush, gas tanks or propane tanks, car bodies, asbestos,       dead animals, batteries, and tires (Cowlitz Co. accepts for additional fee)

Paint cans and chemical containers must be empty and all lids off

Maintains the recycle bins located at Wahkiakum High School, Puget Island Fire Hall, and Skamokawa Fire Hall.  Recycle bins accept:  Cardboard, aluminum cans, catalogues, newspapers, magazines and plastic bottles. 

Ecology's Toxic Free Tips Website                

Managing Dangerous Waste


Current Construction Projects:
Ferry Ramp Modifications

Clear Creek Fish Passage - In Design


The Public Works Department issues the following permits:
Driveway approaches to county roads
Culvert Installation
Work on County Roads


On-Call Consultants Roster:

In accordance with Chapter 39.80 RCW, Wahkiakum County is inviting statements of qualifications and performance from firms interested in providing architectural, engineering and other professional services.  All qualified firms shall be added in each on-call roster category based upon qualifying criteria.  Firms desiring consideration should submit a completed Consultant Services Questionnaire and any firm brochure.  Further details can be obtained by contacting Michelle Collupy at 360-795-3301. 




Chuck Beyer, Public Works Director

Mail: PO Box 97, Cathlamet, Washington 98612
Phone: 360.795.3301 Fax: 360.795.0342
e-mail: collupym@co.wahkiakum.wa.us


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