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Visiting Rules: Wahkiakum County jail visitors must follow all rules while visiting.  Failure to obey rules will result in losing the privilege to enter the faciliy.  All adult visitors must have proper identification.  All visitors must be properly dressed. No gang colors or see through clothes are permitted. Per WAC 289-24-220 visitors seventeen years of age and younger shall be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian no exception. 

All visitors under the influence of intoxicating liquors or drugs will be refused visitation privleges. Visiting Hours: Tuesdays from 7pm to 9pm Sundays  from 2:30pm to 4:30pm What You can bring for an inmate: Inmates can receive magazines with nonexplicit photos, books(no explicit photos), two pair socks, two pair underware,stamps,envelopes, cash for commissary items. No outside food or toiletries.

We do not take phone messages for inmates unless it is a verifiable emergency. Hand written messages can be dropped off at the Sheriff's Office.  Inmates have access to a collect call only phone for most of the day.  All incoming mail is searched for contraband. Any mail containing illegal materials will not be delivered. No mail is accepted at the jail if postage is due. No mail with explicit pictures will be given to the inmate. No mail that violates any court orders will be given to inmates.

Bail: If bail is granted by court, you may make a cash bail in the full amount payable at the appropriate court during buisness hours or at the sheriff's office after hours.  A bailbond can be obtained through an approved bailbond company.  A list can be obtained through the appropriate court or through the jail.  Not all bailbonds companies are approved by local courts.

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