Drug & Alcohol Assessment / Treatment


Wahkiakum County Substance Use Disorder Program offers a wide range of chemical dependency services at our facility. These services include drug and alcohol assessments, individual counseling sessions, and group sessions for adults and youth. Our counselors encourage family involvement in order to offer to support the addicted individual, as well as, to identify concerns and support change within the family unit. We are an ever evolving department and our group schedules may be adjusted to meet the needs of our clients in the future.

If you are interested in receiving a drug and alcohol assessment, please call us.

  1. Adult
  2. Youth
  3. DUI / DWI
  4. Deferred Prosecution


Individual sessions are scheduled to best meet the needs of the client and the family. At a minimum, an individual will meet one time per month with a CD counselor to review their treatment plan and assess the progress they have on the objectives identified on the plan.

Chemical Dependency Treatment

Chemical dependency treatment will support those who are: 

  • Alcohol and Drug Evaluations Services (ADES) Oregon
  • Department of Corrections (DOC)
  • Medical provider, mental health provider
  • On probation
  • Referred by the high school(s)
  • Self and/or family referred
  • Washington Department of Licensing