General Services

The Roads Division

The road division is responsible for:

  • Chip sealing and surface patching
  • Ditch and culvert maintenance
  • Interlocal agency reimbursable work
  • Minor road construction
  • Road and bridge maintenance and repair
  • Snow and ice control

Current Construction Projects

  • Elochoman Valley Road 2R Repaving Project - 2021
  • Columbia Street Overlay Project - 2021
  • Columbia Street Bicycle & Pedestrian Project - In design phase
  • East Valley Road Approach Project - In design phase
  • Eden Valley Road Drainage Project - In design phase
  • Clear Creek Fish Passage - In design phase
  • Bridge over Nelson Creek on Risk Road & Foster Road - In design phase
  • Changing the intersection of Rosburg School Road - In design phase


The Public Works Department issues the following permits:

  • Culvert Installation
  • Driveway approaches to county roads
  • Work on County Roads

Link to Standards

Road Approach Permit

Submit all permit applications to:


On-Call Consultants Roster

In accordance with Chapter 39.80 RCW, Wahkiakum County is inviting statements of qualifications and performance from firms interested in providing architectural, engineering, and other professional services. All qualified firms shall be added in each on-call roster category based upon qualifying criteria. Firms desiring consideration should submit a completed Consultant Services Questionnaire (PDF) and any firm brochure.  Email Public Works with any questions or call us at 360-795-3301.