Superior Court Jury Duty

Wahkiakum Superior Court Jury Duty Information

Welcome, and Thank you for your Service!

When you receive a jury summons, please call our JURY LINE: 1-866-570-7276 to listen to a pre-recorded message informing you of the trail dates scheduled for your month of service.

The summons will be mailed out the month before your jury term and will state the month in which you will be called for jury duty. (For Example: If you are called for jury duty in February, you will receive your summons in January.)

Please complete the information on the Summons and either mail or return it to the Superior Court Clerk’s Office located at the Wahkiakum County Courthouse.

If there is a conflict with serving in the month you are called for, there is an option on the summons to reschedule your service to a different month. (If you do reschedule, another summons will be sent to you for the month you have chosen.)

Only the Judge can excuse a Juror from serving. If you are asking to be excused, you will still need to complete the summons along with a letter from your physician if you are asking to be excused for medical reasons. We will give it to the Judge for consideration. Please do not call with your excuse. You will be notified by letter with the Judge’s decision.

When a trial is scheduled during the month you are to serve, you are expected to report to the Superior Court Clerk’s Office by 8:30 am the morning of the scheduled trial.

Trials can be settled, cancelled, or rescheduled up to the day before they are scheduled. Please call 1-866-570-7276 the day before any scheduled trial to confirm that you are still required to report for jury selection.

Juror Information for March 2018

If you received a March Juror summons, please complete the summons and return it to the Superior Court Clerk's office.

Both trials that had been scheduled for March have been stricken. All March Jurors are hereby excused from jury duty for the March Term.

Juror Information for April 2018 

If you received a April Juror summons, please complete the summons and return it to the Superior Court Clerk's office.

The trial scheduled for April 4, 2018 has been moved to April 9 - 10th, 2018.  

Please report to the Clerk's office by 8:15am on April 9, 2018