Washington State’s Wraparound and Intensive Services (WISe) provides intensive support and services to youth and families who are experiencing behavioral health symptoms that disrupt or interfere with their family function, school, or with peer interactions. The program is designed to assist youth and their families in achieving wellness and safety, as well as, strengthening communities.

WISe uses a team-based approach to provide services to youth, under the age of 21, who are eligible for Medicaid. WISe services are individualized, intensive, coordinated, comprehensive, culturally relevant, and home and community-based.

Referral forms are available, if requested, but are not mandatory. The screening will be conducted within ten (10) business days of receiving a referral. Screenings can be conducted over the phone, in the home, or in the office. Screenings will be completed in a fashion that is most convenient for the client.

WISe services  for Wahkiakum County residents are provided by Community Integrated Health Services (CIHS). To make a referral for WISe services, please visit CIHS at https://cihealthservices.com/referrals/.

Link to CIHS' website: https://cihealthservices.com

 Link to HCA WISe website: HCA WISe Program Information