Wahkiakum County Community Health Assessment and Plan

Wahkiakum County Health & Human Services is currently focusing on local health needs to help our community thrive. Our process began by creating a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) survey to gather information from community members about their most pressing health priorities. This survey was distributed physically and electronically to community members between March and July 2023.

You can see the results of the CHNA here: Wahkiakum County CHNA

The next step of our process is undergoing a community health assessment (CHA), where your input will further inform our focus and efforts. We will also use measurable mathematical and statistical data to help understand patterns and trends in our local public health, exclusive to Wahkiakum County.

To understand how we will measure and use data for our community, see the presentation to the Wahkiakum County Board of Health. The proposed health indicators for Wahkiakum County can be found here.

Following the CHA data analysis, we will develop a long-term, community-driven systematic plan that addresses public health problems and needs in the community, called the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). 

Finally, we will implement the CHIP, working with the community to take collaborative action to improve county health and wellbeing.