Drinking Water

Water Testing

Wahkiakum County Health and Human Services offers water testing for bacteriological contamination.

Water samples must be completed within 30-hours from the time the water is collected to the time it is tested at a lab. Wahkiakum County Health Department transports water samples to a Longview Washington based lab only on Mondays and Wednesdays. Water samples must arrive prior to 11 a.m. Monday or Wednesday to ensure your water sample will arrive and be tested within the 30-hour testing time frame.

Wahkiakum County Health Department can assist in testing for other contaminants and pollution on a cost per service basis.

Well Decontamination

If you experience a flood or any unsanitary condition that affects your drinking water, you are encouraged to test your well water. The Wahkiakum County Health Department can provide bottles to collect water to be tested. If your water sample comes back from the lab as unsatisfactory you will be notified. Any unsatisfactory lab result will require you to test well and water system again after you properly disinfect the drinking well system. Until your water tests are satisfactory you should boil all water used until a satisfactory test has been achieved.