Solid Waste Complaints

Filing a Complaint

If you wish to make a complaint under our new solid waste or junk ordinance please submit the Complaint Form (PDF) to our department.

How to Respond to a Complaint

Upon receiving a notice of violation, contact the County Environmental Health Specialist within 15 days of receiving the notice to secure a Voluntary Abatement Agreement with the county. You may learn more through the Solid Waste Informational Packet (PDF)

Notice Of Abatement

Without a Voluntary Abatement Agreement and a continuing violation, the department may issue a “notice of abatement.” This notice will set deadlines by which abatement must occur. Monetary penalties may also be assessed for violations of the ordinance. 


The penalty for a first violation is $125, second penalty $250, and third penalty $500. Within 15 days of receipt of the notice of abatement, the responsible party has the opportunity to request an appeal hearing with the department director. The director’s decision may be further appealed to the Wahkiakum Board of County Commissioners.


If the violation(s) is not abated, the sheriff’s office will oversee removal of the junk, junk vehicle, and/or solid waste and the cost of removal and disposal will be assessed against the responsible party.