General Services

  1. Individual & Family Counseling
  2. Ombuds Services
  3. Psychiatry & Medication Management 

If you are considering mental health services, we start together with an assessment which takes a holistic look at your life – your reason for seeking services, health history, supports and resources you may already have, daily living needs or stresses, key life experiences, and any cultural or spiritual connections you may want to ensure are recognized. Your first appointment will be longer than a typical therapy appointment as a result. At the next appointments, we review assessment results together, introduce you to your therapist or counselor, and build your individual treatment plan and team. Our outpatient program provides individual counseling with the ability to provide some family/parent services in support of the individual’s treatment plan. We also offer mental health group services, although these services are not always covered by insurance. We will work with you if we feel that groups would be beneficial for you.   

We primarily serve individuals ages 5 and up. Pediatric mental health services are a specialty service, we will work with you to locate a provider for the child. 

We provide support for treatment of a wide range of mental health challenges and conditions, including if you are struggling with both a substance use and mental health challenge at the same time. We have a close partnership between our substance use and mental health treatment programs. This partnership results in better outcomes people who enter treatment both conditions at the same time. 

Please contact our main number 360-795-8630 with any questions.