Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

By creating an account, I consent to the terms and conditions as listed here:

The Wahkiakum County Emergency Community Notification System is provided by Twenty First Century Communications of Columbus, Ohio. By signing up for this service, I am giving Twenty First Century Communications express consent to contact me for the purposes of emergency notification on any of the devices I am registering.

Creating an account allows me to update my contact information if I move or my phone numbers or e-mail address changes. I understand at this time, a maximum of one cellular phone number and one VoIP phone number can be associated with each e-mail address. I understand to add additional phone numbers I need to set up another account with a different email address.

The information is being submitted over a secure, encrypted connection. Wahkiakum County and Twenty First Century Communications will not share or distribute personal information gathered by the form and will use it solely for the purpose of providing emergency notifications. Due to the fluid and fast-moving nature of emergency situations, Wahkiakum County and its agencies, affiliates and employees can make no warranty regarding the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information provided by the Wahkiakum County Emergency Community Notification System

Notice: all new account information is loaded into the secure database only once per month. This may result in a delay (of up to 31 days) in receiving emergency notifications.