Burn Permits

Burn Permits Available


To burn in 2023 please submit new requests starting at 12:01am on 1/1/2023

See the weather forecast for this week:



Can I Burn Today?

Prior to burning you must call the Wahkiakum County Sherriff's office (360-795-3242) and give them your address for their daily list of burn site locations.


Sign Up for Burn Ban Notifications

Click on this link to sign up for burn ban notifications. You can choose to have the notices sent as an email, text message or a phone call. You can also select to receive notifications for the ferry, road conditions, bus schedule, health department, and emergency services.

If you have questions about signing up for notifications or need help, call the Building & Planning Department at 360-795-3067.

Other places to find burn ban notices without signing up for notifications:

Burn Ban notices will be posted at the top of this web page when they are active.

Burn Ban notices will be posted on The Wahkiakum County Sherriff's Facebook page.


Prohibited Materials : Know Before You Burn!


If I witness someone burning Prohibited Materials who do I report it to?

Contact the Wahkiakum County Sheriff's office at: 370-795-3242


Contact Southwest Clean Air Agency at: 

360-574-3058 or 1-800-633-0709

Link to the Southwest Clean Air Agency submit a Complaint Form

Link to Southwest Clean Air Agency Wahkiakum Information Page

Burn Barrel Use Prohibited

The use of a burn barrel was banned in the State of Washington effective April 13, 2000. 

Burning garbage has been illegal in the State of Washington since 1967.

Link to the entire Outdoor Burning Ordinance


Online Burn Permit Applications


Residential (Small) Burning Permits

Land Clearing (Large) Burning Permits

Instructions:You only need to submit a permit ONE time during the calendar year. Do not send in a new permit request as a way to report that you are burning. To report burning call Wahkiakum County Communications at 360-795-3242. You can also check for a Burn Ban by calling that number or looking online here for a banner across the top of the page. If a Burn Ban occurs you do not need to submit a new permit request, as the permit will continue to be good after the Burn Ban is lifted.You only need to submit one permit request per 30 days, except if you are doing one in December, as all permits expire December 31st. Large Burn Permits can be renewed by contacting Wahkiakum Building and Planning at 360-795-3067 or resubmitting through our online link. Do not submit a permit request each time you are burning during the 30 day period your permit is active. To report that you are burning call Wahkiakum County Communications at 360-795-3242.
Size:Piles under 4 feet by 4 feet by 3 feetPiles larger than 4 feet by 4 feet by 3 feet
Valid Date Range:Valid through December 31st in the current calendar year.Valid for 30 days, unless issued during December as all permits expire December 31st. Permit can be renewed over the phone by calling 360-795-3067. Permits can't be renewed into the following calendar year. A new application must be filled out each year.
Link to application:

Permits are also available through your local fire department, or town hall or at the Building & Planning Department, third floor of the Wahkiakum County Courthouse. There is currently no fee for the permit.

Slash Burning Permits

Slash burning is handled by the Department of Natural Resources, not by Wahkiakum County. 

This link provides more information from the Department of Natural Resources.

Recreational Fire Pits

Link to the Fire Pit Standards for recreational fire pits.


Contact the Wahkiakum County Building & Planning Department with questions regarding burn permits: 360-795-3067