District Court

General Information

Office Hours: Regular office hours are Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. There may be times when the office must be closed temporarily when we are in the courtroom.

Court Dockets: Regular Criminal docket dates are on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month, at 9:00 a.m. Civil docket dates are only on the second Thursday of each month, at 2:15 p.m.

Show Cause docket dates are subject to change to accommodate Probation Officer availability.

Your Court Date: Feel free to contact the District Court Office to confirm the date and time of your hearing, or visit the Washington Court's Find My Court Date webpage.

Payments: Make payments electronically through:

Check and money order payments may also be mailed, put into the drop box outside the courthouse, or left at the Sheriff's dispatch window. Cash payments will be accepted at the counter during office hours. Payment in coins is not accepted.

Filing: Fees assessed for opening new cases that are electronically filed must be paid online. Hand-delivered filings are accepted during office hours. After hours, the drop box outside the exterior night entry door may be used.

Filings may be emailed to: districtcourt@co.wahkiakum.wa.us  A reply email will be sent to confirm receipt of your filing.

If emailing is not possible, you may call the District Court Office to make specific arrangements to fax filings. Fax: (360) 795-6506.

Ex-Parte Orders: Ex Parte Orders will be accepted in person or by email to:

If email is not possible, ex parte orders may be faxed after calling the District Court Office to make arrangements to do so. Copies of signed orders will be returned via email or mail.

Video/Telephonic Appearances: If you have an attorney, questions about video/telephonic appearances should be made through them. If you are representing yourself and have questions, call (360) 795-3461 or email districtcourt@co.wahkiakum.wa.us. To request to appear remotely, complete a Request form. There is a $25 fee, unless an attorney was appointed for you at no cost, or you must already have a fee waiver order on file. You may also request a waiver separately.

Protection Orders: People seeking protection orders can access the documents online at https://www.courts.wa.gov/forms/ (scroll down to Protection Orders link) or by calling the District Court Office. Alternatively, you may call The Charlotte House at (360) 795-6401; after hours, call (360) 795-6400. Their toll-free number is (866) 795-9381. Or you may call the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for assistance at (360) 795-3652.

If you have questions, concerns or feedback, please do call (360) 795-3461. We want to hear from you if we can do things better!

Court Services Include:

  • Anti-Harassment Orders (call if you need forms)
  • Civil Complaints
  • Fish & Wildlife Citations
  • Gross Misdemeanors
  • Name Changes (call if you need forms)
  • Small Claims (call if you need forms)
  • Criminal Misdemeanors/Gross Misdemeanors
  • Probation
  • Traffic Citations (see document links below)

Helpful Resources

  1. Court Forms
  2. Northwest Justice Project
  3. Washington Law Help
  4. Washington State Courts
  5. Washington Access to Criminal History

District Court Document Links