General Information

The Assessor's office is responsible for valuing and assessing real and personal property located within Wahkiakum County. In order to accomplish this, we use mass appraisal methods that analyze properties grouped by similar market influences and characteristics rather than by performing individual appraisals on each parcel every year. Due to the large number of properties that need to be valued each year, individual appraisal of each parcel is not financially or logistically possible. 

All counties in the State of Washington are required to revalue all real property on an annual basis. There is sometimes confusion between valuation of a property and the physical inspection of a property. State law requires that all property be valued annually and physically inspected at least once every six years. 

Property that is not inspected in a given assessment year is analyzed, and the values are updated through the use of statistics based on annual market data.  

Services we provide:

  • Real Property Valuations 
    • Regular Property Inspections / New Construction Inspections
    • Sales Validation Inspections 
    • Market Analysis - Mass Appraisal 
  • Special Programs Administration
    • Senior and Disabled Exemptions
    • Current Use Programs
    • Designated Forest Land Program
  • Levy Calculations
  • Personal Property Listing and Account Processing
  • Appeals - Taxpayer Questions and BOE Hearings
  • Parcel Consolidations, Segregations, and Boundary Line Adjustments
  • Taxpayer Services

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