Divorce Dismissal Information

If you have filed a divorce action in Wahkiakum County and would like your case dismissed before the divorce is finalized, please complete the following documents:

Motion for Dismissal - FL All Family 163

Order on Motion for Dismissal - FL All Family 164

If both parties are in agreement a $30.00 Ex Parte fee is required to present the Agreed Order for Dismissal to the Judge to review and sign without scheduling a Court Hearing. If you have already paid a $30.00 Ex Parte fee when your divorce was filed, that payment can be applied to present your Order for Dismissal. Please contact the Clerk's office if you are unsure whether or not the Ex Parte fee has already been paid.

If both parties are not in agreement to dismiss the case then you must schedule a court hearing on the Domestic Docket held once per month. The Court Docket Calendar can be found on the Superior Court page. The Motion to Dismiss and Notice of Hearing must be filed and served on the other party. Please seek legal advice if necessary, and be sure to follow Local Court Rules which can also be found on the Superior Court page.