Default Dissolution Information

If you are requesting a Dissolution by Default in Wahkiakum County, please review the following instructions and use the forms to the right for filing.

The Court may sign a dissolution of marriage, domestic partnership or legal separation by default without having a final hearing or oral testimony if:

  • The Petitioner provides proper proof of service
  • The Respondent does not file a Response
  • The relief granted in the Final Divorce Order is the same as the relief requested in the Petition for Divorce.

Proof of Service may be deemed proper if there is written proof on file that the Respondent was personally served with the Petition for Divorce and Summons, or if the Petitioner has made appropriate efforts at personal service which have failed, and the Court has subsequently issued an order for Service by Mail or Publication and proof of the same in accordance with the order in on file.

In the event that the dissolution or legal separation involves dependent children, the Petitioner must also provide proof that he or she has served the Respondent with any applicable Order of Child Support, Child Support Worksheets, and Parenting Plan, and the Petitioner has declared under penalty of perjury that the final orders the Petitioner has presented to the Court for signing are the same as the Petitioner served on the Respondent. Proof of service of final orders involving children may be deemed proper if there is written proof on file that the Respondent was personally served with the same; or if there is written proof on file that the same were mailed to the address at which Respondent provided for notice of further proceedings in the matter.

Wahkiakum County Superior Court has a specific Motion for Default that is slightly different from the State’s standard Motion for Default that is to be used for a Default Dissolution in our County. The Motion for Default section #4 and section #7 of the Motion for Default have been modified in accordance with our Local Court Rules. Please be sure to check and complete all the appropriate boxes for each section as some sections require more than one selection. Be especially sure to also complete the selection under Section #7 stating how long you have known the Respondent if you know they are not now or never have been dependent of someone on active military duty.

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