Change of Venue

If you have filed a divorce case in Wahkiakum County and both parties would like to change the venue to another county, the parties can complete a Motion for Change of Venue, a Declaration in Support of Change of Venue and an Order Changing Venue for presentation to the Judge, ex parte.

Once the Motion for Change of Venue, Declaration in Support of Change of Venue, and Order Changing Venue have been completed and signed by both parties, the original signed documents can be mailed to our office, along with the required fees:

  • Filing fee made payable to the Clerk's Office in the county the case is being moved to.
    • Contact the Clerk's office in the county that the case is being moved to and ask what the required filing fee is. Also verify what forms of payment they accept. (Many Clerks’ offices don't accept personal checks.)
  • $30.00 Ex Parte fee - Required to present the Order Changing Venue to the Judge, ex parte, if both parties are in agreement. (If you paid an ex parte fee when your divorce was filed, please call our office to see if you need to pay an additional ex parte fee.)
  • $20.00 Change of Venue fee - Required for our office to send your case file to the county where the case is being moved to.

Once the appropriate fees have been received and the Judge has signed the Order Changing Venue, the documents filed in Wahkiakum County will be sent to the new county, along with the required filing fee payment, so that your case can be filed in the new county.